Idol Member Accused Of Rape, Victim Leaks Private Messages

“I haven’t received a proper apology.”

A woman claimed in an in-depth interview that she was raped by a male idol 6 years ago.

The assaulter is said to be a vocalist of an idol group that debuted in the early 2010’s and has been recognized for his exceptional vocal skills on a music show.

Alleged Idol Rapes The Victim

She revealed that it all happened when she went to visit Seoul with her friends. The idol and she were friends because they grew up near the same neighborhood in Busan, so when he saw on her social media that she was in Seoul, he asked to meet up.

The victim was drinking with 4 of their mutual female friends when he joined them. After a while, she and her friends decided to head to their lodging when he convinced them to let him stay the night there too.

“Are you leaving already? I spent over 20,000 won (~$19 USD) to get here. I’d be spending a total of 50,000 won (~$47 USD) by going back. Let me stay the night at your place so I can take the subway back home in the morning.”

— Male Idol

The girls had known him for years and he had a long-term girlfriend, so they allowed him to stay the night. The victim was drunk and had fallen asleep, along with everyone else, when she awoke to the idol raping her. He had taken both of their bottom pieces of clothing off and was raping her even though she was laying between two of her sleeping friends.

Scared, she pinched one of the friends lying next to her but she didn’t wake up. She then pinched the friend on the other side for help, and she had woken up. The awoken friend witnessed all of it but was too shocked to do anything to stop him.

She tried to move away and stop him, but she was ultimately shocked and traumatized by the horrific incident.

“We were too young back then and I only thought that this kind of crime happened on TV. I was too shocked and embarrassed to say anything because he was a close friend. I was scared and didn’t know what to do about the situation.

I had vowed to keep it all in because it was the most traumatizing and embarassing moment of my life.”

— Victim

She Tries To Forget But He Strikes Again

The assault didn’t end there. The idol began spreading different lies to their common friends that she willingly had sex with him, claiming that he had nothing to be sorry about because she was completely sober and compliant. Shamed by the lies and the assault, the victim never had the courage to share her story with anyone besides the 4 other girls that accompanied her to Seoul.

“I tried to forget it and live on when I belatedly found out about the rumors he spread. I tried to clear up the story but I was too embarrassed to explain everything on my own and I had no courage.”

— Victim

To her surprise, she later heard from another friend that the idol also raped her. He had forcefully taken the friend to a motel, but when she continually refused and fought against him, he began cursing at her and forced himself on her.

“I was in agony when I heard her story because it reminded me of the same night.”

— Victim

Victim Gains Courage After #MeToo Movement, Confronts Attacker

6 years after the assault, the victim was finally able to gain the courage to confront him after the #MeToo Movement caught wind in Korea. She sent him a long message, explaining how she had suffered throughout the years.

She finally called him out on the lies he created that ruined her life and tormented her for years. And she demanded that he be held accountable for his crimes.

And he actually responded back to her with an apology. However, he had laced the apology with excuses and turned the tables around claiming that he was hurting as well.

She once again called him out for his half-hearted excuses and apologies, pointing out the faults in his message.

“He only apologized because the #MeToo Movement has become a big issue in Korea and he got scared. There was no sincerity in his apology.”

— Victim

And he gave her a short reply with another half-hearted apology.

She finally decided to sit down for an interview and formally tell her story, so that she can show the other women around the world that it’s not okay to sit silently. She doesn’t expect legal justice for the crimes committed 6 years ago, but she wants her story to be told.

“There’s nothing I’ll gain from telling my story but I want him to know that I suffered a lot over the 6 years. I realized that I was stupid for staying silent, and I wanted to share the truth in light of the #MeToo movement.”

— Victim

Netizens Guess Who The Idol Could Be

Rumors have been floating around about who this male idol from Busan could be. Surprisingly, many have started pointing their fingers at B1A4‘s Sandeul because he loosely fit the description.

However, the victim had revealed in the interview that the assaulter is a vocalist of an idol group that debuted in early 2010. He’s also been recognized for his exceptional vocal skills on a music show.

B1A4 debuted in 2011, which crosses Sandeul off from the list. WM Entertainment had also stepped up to clarify that Sandeul has nothing to do with the scandal.

“The article has nothing to do with our label’s artists. In order to protect our artists, we will be taking strong legal actions against those who are spreading false rumors.

We sincerely hope that those like us, who have nothing to do with these scandals, will not become victims [of rumors].”

— WM Entertainment

Source: Sports Seoul and Osen

#MeToo Movement In Korea

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