Police Responds To Reports That Han Seo Hee Is Involved iKON B.I’s Drug Scandal

They made a comment on the reports.

Multiple news reports claimed that Han Seo Hee was Miss “A”, the acquaintance who sold illegal drugs to iKON‘s B.I. Han Seo Hee was accused after reports claimed that “A” revealed their chatlogs with B.I and admitted to having sold him drugs but later changed her story to say she didn’t deliver the drugs to him.

As the news sites ran wild with various speculations, the police made an official statement regarding the rumors about Han Seo Hee and B.I. They explained that the police have never identified Han Seo Hee as “A” and the claims were simply made by the media.

They refused to deny or confirm that “A” was Han Seo Hee and also refused to confirm anyone as “A”.

The reports that B.I’s chat logs were revealed by [Han Seo Hee] are just rumors from the media. It’s difficult for us to reveal who Miss A is. We can’t say for certain that it is Han Seo Hee, and we can’t reveal who it really is.

— Police


As the public began to demand why B.I wasn’t investigated when the first accusations arose, the police revealed that they are looking into the case again and will officially restart the investigation if “A” changes her statement once again.

We will contact ‘A’ again, and if there is a change to her past statement, we will begin a reinvestigation into B.I’s case.

— Police

Source: Osen

B.I's Drug Scandal