Indonesian TikToker Becomes Viral Sensation In Korea For The Most Unexpected Resemblance To A Korean Actress

One of their TikToks has over 29 million views!

Content creator ABILO @abilo_ss has been an online star for a while, with 1.7 million and counting followers on TikTok alone.

Abilo | @abilo_ss/Instagram

But it’s their series of TikToks imitating the Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun (also known as Gianna Jun) that turned them into a sensation in Korea.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun in “My Love from the Star” | SBS

This clip of ABILO re-creating the sassy scene blew up via online communities like theqoo. K-Drama lovers fell in love with the TikToker’s blockbuster performance as Jun Ji Hyun’s role as Cheon Song Yi in the 2013 hit series My Love from the Star!


Byk yg pada nagih, nih aku buatin lg yaa! 😂😋 #KINGOFDRAKOR #ABILO

♬ suara asli – IG: @abilo_ss – ABILO

Nailing the actress’s part down to “even the gasp,” the TikToker received over 29.4 million views for the clip since its upload in June 2022. ABILO and Jun Ji Hyun might not have much in common appearance-wise, but the acting is 100% same!

Some of the most liked comments under ABILO’s clip. | @abilo_ss/TikTok

This isn’t ABILO’s first take at Jun Ji Hyun. Their other TikToks featuring the most popular scenes from My Love from the Star also have millions of views—like this one at 7 million.


Do Min Jun Syii😂😂

♬ suara asli – ABILO – ABILO

Koreans coming across ABILO’s content for the first time can’t help but laugh at this unexpected resemblance.

| theqoo
  • “What the heck, LOL.”
  • “HAHA! They’re so good!”
  • “HUH? Lmao.”
  • “Why is this so good? LOL.”
  • “Who is this person?! Just PURE talent.”
  • “This is insane, HAHA.”
  • “WTF? So articulate, too. What even is this?!”
  • “CRAZY. How did this person get so good at this? LOL.”
  • “Ah. So this is how shadowing is done. Haha.”
  • “What the-“
  • “They ate that. That is Jun Ji Hyun.”
  • “It’s as if they’ve been rehearsing this for life.”
  • “WTF? Hahahahahahahahaha.”
  • “LMAO. Even the breathing is in sync.”
  • “Shadowing, for reals. I still suck at English because I can’t shadow at this level.”

Check out their third most popular Jun Ji Hyun clip here!



♬ suara asli – ABILO – ABILO

Source: theqoo

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