Industry representative claims Clara Lee lied about her age, “Actually an 85-liner”

An industry representative stated that Clara Lee actually lied about her age in her professional profile.

In a report by Sports Today on January 28th, multiple industry representatives stepped forward to confirm this assertion stating, “Clara’s real birthday is January 15th, 1985 although her professional profile states that she is a year younger, born in January of 1986.”

Ever since her debut and throughout her active career, Clara has been promoted as an 86-liner, born in 1986. Currently, her official profile online states that she has just turned 30 years old (international age). However, with these claims, her real age is supposedly 31.

Ironically, in an interview during promotions for her latest movie Working Girl, many statements were made saying “I can’t believe she’s only 30 years of age” and were highly televised and promoted following the interview.

Meanwhile, aside from these allegations, Clara is currently under heavy public scrutiny following her lawsuit toward her most recent company Polaris Entertainment accusing the CEO of sexual harassment and filing for contract nullification. However, Dispatch and YTN released multiple Kakao talk and text messages (1, 2, 3)between the two which appeared to favor the entertainment company to which Clara promptly responded, asking for the public to believe in her. Following the last report, Clara’s representation revealed that she could not provide any more evidence since her phone had fallen into the water. 

The the actress-model-singer is currently entangled in lawsuits and contract disputes between CF companies and her sponsorships and is being reviewed by CEMA for her double contract violation that occurred earlier last year.

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