YTN reveals all of the text messages between Clara and her CEO

Korean news portal YTN has exclusively revealed what they claim to be the entire conversation between model and actress Clara and Polaris Entertainment‘s CEO in light of current legal dispute between the two parties. 

On January 14th, Clara filed a nullification suit to negate her exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment, citing sexual harassment from the CEO via text messages through Kakao Talk. Polaris Entertainment responded, stating that they would publicly reveal the messages to prove their CEO’s innocence, and Clara’s representatives responded in kind, revealing that they had given everything to the investigators.

Korean media news portal, Dispatch revealed the Kakao Talk text messages to the public on January 19. Clara responded to the “racy” images in the alleged text messages and also took to her Facebook account to explain the messages.

Now, on January 20, YTN has revealed what they claim to be the complete conversation, without any omissions, between the CEO and Clara.

The Kakao Talk text messages below are provided by YTN and directly translated by Koreaboo.

July 30,2014
[CEO Lee]: Did you rest well? I know your mind is not at ease, because mine isn’t either.
[CEO Lee]: I just want to see the side of Clara that I knew and felt before.
[CEO Lee]: I just want to be there for you as someone you can count on, someone who can help you, that’s why I’m messaging you again.
[CEO Lee]: Don’t be like every other person and try to scheme things to suit your needs.
[CEO Lee]: I hope you can be a celebrity that just focuses on work and works hard.
[CEO Lee]: I’m a kind person but to bad people. I can be a very scary person, but I don’t want to show you that side of me.
[CEO Lee]: Even when bad powers try to control you, you must center yourself
[CEO Lee]: Because in the end, you are going to carry out those actions and say those words and you will be held accountable.
[CEO Lee]: If you don’t understand what you are supposed to do, just pray and ask for protection from evil forces.

[Clara]: CEO. You said you would protect me and within a day you sent me a statement.
I was always honest and open with you but now, like you said, you have become the scariest person.
But I still believe we can continue to have a good relationship.

[CEO L]: A statement? Who did? I didn’t even get a report?
[CEO L]: They’re apparently writing out a draft.
[CEO L]: A statement can be sent anytime if there’s a problem.
[CEO L]: After listening to you, it looks like a statement indeed is in order.

[Clara]: I already received one from President Lee.

[CEO L]: Check it, I didn’t approve of anything yet.
Come to think of it, you talk just like Kim don’t you?

[CEO L]: I just approved it, but everything is true and there is nothing bad in it. The statement is just saying let’s work harder together.
[CEO L]: Why are you acting so sensitive?
[CEO L]: I actually hope you don’t miss the opportunity to stay in a good relationship.
[CEO L]: I’m going off to lunch now, bye.

August 1,2014
11:17 AM
[Clara]: CEO, you said Director Lee’s wages would be paid by Polaris. Can I know when that will be?

1:24 PM
[CEO L]: Employment wages, if they work from the first to the last day of a month, are paid on the 10th of the next month.
[CEO L]: And of course, Polaris will pay.
1:25 PM
[Clara]: Yes, he was just worried. Thank you.

August 4,2014
5:21 PM
[Clara]: President, about press release you told me the following on Kakao Talk.
[Clara]: “We aren’t trying to change exclusivity, so don’t worry. It’s not something we can do without your permission and something we have no reason to do.”
[Clara]: But I have heard that you will be releasing reports to the press without my consent this week. I told you why I was worried so I ask you to please put a stop on this. And I would like it if you discussed things before from now in order for us to not hurt each other.

August 5,2014
12:25 PM
[CEO L]: I will tell everyone to do everything by the contract, so work things out with them well and proceed from there.
[CEO L]: I don’t want to appear in this comedy skit written by Kim any more.

August 14,2014
6:32 PM
[CEO L]: I am overseas for business and heading for food, and you crossed my mind.
[CEO L]: I can’t help feeling that this situation could have gone better.
[CEO L]: When you first came to me, I had fun talking with you and tried to do everything I could for you. I still feel that way. I want to help you and keep our relationship well still.
[CEO L]: But I don’t want to be used by Kim.
[CEO L]: He is rude and has no tact.
[CEO L]: He is going to cross someone he shouldn’t, and be burned for it one of these days.
[CEO L]: I just don’t want to be that person,so I’m avoiding the situation, and I’m trying to be considerate of you too.
[CEO L]: Every time we met before, you told me you had it hard and that you were lonely. You told me that you were so happy to be working with me and that you felt that you could count on me. I believed you, and my heart hurt for you so I wanted to help you in any way I could. I think you know that I was looking out for you.
[CEO L]: But I didn’t know what everyone else in the world knew. Your relationship with Kim. You tried to enter him into my company and manage you?
[CEO L]: You discuss anything and everything with Kim and that makes me sad.
[CEO L]: I know that your point of view won’t change as long as you are with him, but I am still messaging you.
[CEO L]: Because if things get more out of hand, this is going to be a quarrel between celebrity and company.
[CEO L]: The damage is going to happen to not the company or Kim, but you. I want to stop such a situation from happening, so I am putting my pride aside and messaging you!
[CEO L]: The way you are trying to find fault in everything the company is doing reminds me of XXX a few years ago. That person was 29 years old then. I feel like you are walking the same path and I don’t want to see that.
[CEO L]: If we keep communicating with each other via statements, who do you think is going to have a harder time?
[CEO L]: I have the final say in everything, but I cannot ignore the staff’s opinions, and rumors will circulate fast as well.
[CEO L]: If you really do not want to work with the company and want to fight the company, leave Kim and go consult a famous lawyer.
[CEO L]: I will say it one more time, but my stance is that I want to help you and do everything that you expect.
[CEO L]: Please make the smart choice.

6:42 PM
[Clara]: Thank you for the messages, I know you have strong pride. Do you think we could meet for wine soon?

6:57 PM
[CEO L]: I don’t like wasting time on pointless conversation either, but I hope you realized that my feelings toward you are bigger than my pride.
[CEO L]: I come back on the weekend, so I think next Friday will work.
[CEO L]: We’ll check your schedule and adjust the time if need be.

August 15,2014
11:10 AM
[Clara]: CEO, I’ll check my schedule and let you know.

August 19,2014
5:23 PM
[Clara]: CEO. Like I told you on multiple occasions, the press release from Polaris resulted in what I was worried about. Please respond to this accordingly.

5:33 PM
[Clara]: What do I do if my TV appearances becomes limited. I’m so worried.

August 20,2014
12:22 AM
[CEO L]: I just had some wine and I’m on my way home.
[CEO L]: Clara is always introduced as being under Koreana, and Kim acts as if he is the CEO, and meets everyone and acts as the management. Meanwhile, you nag at the company staff to bring you more work and ask us to put a hold on releasing that we have an exclusive contract with you. What can the company do for you at this point?
[CEO L]: If they seek to press a lawsuit, the company will do its best to do what its meant to.
[CEO L]: If I were to give advice to you, I would say you should pay more attention to the internal works of your own company at this point, rather than that of Galaxia. If things are all okay with you and the people of your company, everyone will want to help you.
[CEO L]: There are a lot of things outside of the contract that you need to do to, right?
[CEO L]: After that, you shouldn’t have difficulties like broadcast restrictions.
[CEO L]: If you keep acting the way you do, and you keep going against the contract, our relationship will worsen.
[CEO L]: And if that gets leaked, then it will become hard to control.
[CEO L]: I help people I don’t even know, so don’t you think it’s an obvious thing for me to want to help you?
[CEO L]: I hope you don’t miss this opportunity.
[CEO L]: I’ll discuss the message you sent me with the legal team, and try to come up with a good way to respond to this.

August 22,2014
12:42 PM
[CEO L]: I’ll come and say hi to your father after the meeting. I’m going to go ahead and start eating.

5:43 PM
[CEO L]: I hope you paid careful attention to what I said before.
[CEO L]: I was being sincere, and those words weren’t meant to help you.
[CEO L]: How you over come this situation can make this either a crisis or an opportunity.
[CEO L]: It might be hard for you, but your relationship with Kim is a mountain you will have to overcome. Kim goes around saying you two are going to be together forever.
[CEO L]: There are a lot of good people out there, and I think it’s not a good idea to get into a marriage you’ll regret for a long time.

5:47 PM
[CEO L]: The staff were all happy that things went well with you today.
[CEO L]: Leave the management to your company and take care of your health. We’ll help you with your activities.

6:11 PM
[Clara]: Yes. Thank you CEO.

August 30,2014
1:54 PM
[CEO L]: Why do you keep acting as if you’re ignoring me?
[CEO L]: Even your dad was telling you nicely.
[CEO L]: You should have ended it when he accompanied you to Jeju.
[CEO L]: What were you thinking of going with him to the States. Are you trying to expose everything to the press? A media called me when you were departing Korea.
[CEO L]: I didn’t want to tell you because it might interfere with work.
[CEO L]: I don’t understand what you’re doing.

5:46 PM
[Clara]: Thank you for your consideration and worry. I will be careful. Japan’s Kobe Collection stage was a success.

September 1,2014
9:13 AM
[Clara]: CEO, thank you for the Thanksgiving gift. I wish you a happy holiday.

September 4,2014
2:15 PM
[CEO L]: Did you meet Mr. [anonymous]? I think he is interested in receiving all the money at once. So try to negotiate the price well, and we’ll discuss the parts you need the company’s help on later.

2:16 PM
[CEO L]: They don’t want a legal dispute with us either, so keep up your confidence.

2:23 PM
[Clara]: I don’t want a lawsuit either. They are saying $X00,000.
[CEO L]: You planned to give it to them anyway. It’s better to give it to them and focus on work.
[Clara]: I currently don’t have the money. They want it all at once. Does the company have the intention of paying it for me?
[CEO L:] I will ask the legal and business team to figure out a solution. Work out things with them well and end the dispute, and focus on your work.
[CEO L:] I’m kind of out of it because of Ladies’ Code’s accident…
[Clara]: I want to focus on work. Cheer up CEO.

September 5,2014
11:29 PM
[CEO L]: My heart ached when I had to cremate a beautiful girl who couldn’t even bloom and ended her life at the age of 22. So I had some wine and am heading back.
[CEO L]: All of our family (company) came to pay respects and some even stayed for three days, and we were able to get through this together.
[CEO L]: Not only were TV station officials there, hundreds of celebrities were there. And they were talking about how cold it was for someone of the same company to not even send her regards, never mind show her face.
[CEO L]: I would like to hear even an excuse. Even when you talk only about your problems to me. Even idols who didn’t know them came to visit at 3AM to pay respects. The entire country is crying for them.

September 6,2014
9:07 AM
[Clara]: CEO, my heart aches for them too. I wanted to visit Eunbi, but I couldn’t I’m sorry. I cry for them too.

September 10,2014
12:22 AM
[CEO L]: You should have at least shown your face. I mean, it’s not up to me to pressure you on how to act, but even beyond the girls, this was a time for the company to mourn.
[CEO L]: We were all tired, mind and body, conducting funerals the entire week.
[CEO L]: Even Junsu and Naul stopped by late from the countryside when I asked them. RiSe liked them, so I wanted to show them to her on her way. They asked me not to notify press because they usually show up to funerals.
I wish you would have showed not only to lend your strength but because now I am disappointed. I had thought you were smart and kind.
[CEO L]: Spend your Thanksgivings holidays well and let’s meet. You are still the nice and kind Clara in my mind.
[Clara]: CEO. My mind is tired and in pain as well. Please help me so our relationship can go back to the way it used to be. I hope everything works out for you as well.

2:33 PM
[CEO L]: Yes, thank you I want to as well. I even meet people I hate, because I have to. And why would I want to distance myself from dear Clara.
[CEO L]: But, as you know, all relationships are two-sided; both sides have to respect each other and be considerate.
[CEO L]: Let’s both work at it.

3:26 PM
[CEO L]: If you trusted me and wanted to rely on the company, you should have come to us instead of Kim… (cuts off)

Source: YTN