Insider Reveals Kim Sejeong’s Real Personality After False Claims About Her Attitude Are Made

They’re not going down without a fight.

An insider has stepped forward after false claims against former Gugudan member Kim Sejeong‘s personality have been made.

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Korean stars are always under scrutiny for different things. Netizens are constantly picking apart their every move, hoping to find any flaws. One wrong move has proven to end reputations that these stars have worked so hard to build. The most recent star who has come under scrutiny is former Gugudan member, Kim Sejeong.

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Kim Sejeong recently wrapped up her popular OCN drama, The Uncanny Counter. It saw incredible success, catapulting the former girl group member into an even bigger spotlight. After her drama filming concluded, many of the staff members praised the former I.O.I member for her good attitude on set. Netizens, however, attacked the drama staff and Kim Sejeong, claiming that her label Jellyfish Entertainment paid them off to say good things about her. After the backlash, an entertainment insider has stepped forward to defend Kim Sejeong.

She is such a bright person. She always gives it her all when it comes to her work.

— Entertainment insider

They continued by revealing their personal experience with the former idol member.

Still from insider’s interview | YouTube

Even in times where anger would be justified, she manages to brush over those situations smoothly. She’s so kind and warm towards all her staff. She takes initiative in all that she does. She’s very mature, but at times she seems like a young, naive girl because she smiles so much. If she sees an opportunity, she always goes for it. That’s how much preparation she puts into her work. She greets everyone well and has amazing courtesy.

— Entertainment Insider

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The insider further shared that although Kim Sejeong has seen incredible popularity, she doesn’t act snobby and remains humble.

‘I’m an actress. I’m an idol.’ She doesn’t ever act in that way. Kim Sejeong is the type of person who is trustworthy to do anything.

— Entertainment Insider

| clean_0828/Instagram

We never doubted Kim Sejeong’s kind personality, but we’re glad someone stepped up to defend her in the midst of the rumors. To all the haters, back it up! You can watch the entire interview, down below.

Source: WikiTree and Instagram