Insider Leaks News Of Taeyeon’s Comeback At The End Of February

According to new reports, Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon is expected to make a solo comeback soon with a new song. According to industry insiders, Taeyeon is slated to release a new song by the end of February. But while the date hasn’t been confirmed, news outlet Star News reported that even if it the release is pushed back, it will most definitely be released by March.

Update: This article has been updated to include SM Entertainment’s confirmation of the leak. Their statement expands on her comeback, revealing she is working on an album.

Taeyeon is preparing her album – when dates are confirmed we will annouce them.

– SM Entertainment

Following her solo debut with “I,” Taeyeon continued to dominate as a solo artist with hits such as “Rain” and “Why.” Her song “11:11” from November was also a huge hit, and the new song will be her first release since then. With how she’s been dominating the music charts as a solo artist, news of Taeyeon’s upcoming release has already kept the industry on high alert.

With a release slated for late February, Taeyeon will face some incredibly strong competition. Popular male group BTS just made a comeback with their new album You Never Walk Alone, and top girl group TWICE will be releasing their new album TWICEcoaster: Lane 2 toward the end of the month. March is also lined up with popular artist releases, including GOT7, G-FriendBTOB, and more. With Taeyeon joining this lineup, the charts will definitely be full of tough competition.

Source: Star News