Industry Insiders Reveal INFINITE’s Future Plans Following 3 Members’ Recent Departure From Woollim

“There is a possibility that INFINITE will make a comeback.”

Earlier today, it was announced that INFINITE‘s Dongwoo and Sungyeol have chosen to leave Woollim Entertainment after deciding not to renew their contracts.

INFINITE’s Dongwoo (left) and Sungyeol (right). | @official_ifnt_/Instagram

A representative of the company revealed that the parting was mutually agreed upon, and they thanked the two for their contributions to INFINITE since their debut in 2010.

With the expiration of their contracts coming closer, we held a series of long discussions with the two, and mutually agreed to not proceed with a contract renewal.

— Woollim Entertainment

They also expressed gratitude to INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu for the 11 years he had spent with the company.

In addition, we previously ended our beautiful relationship with INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu after his exclusive contract expired, and he has released his single album Won’t Forget You. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Sunggyu, who spent 11 years with Woollim.

— Woollim Entertainment

Sunggyu parted ways with Woollim Entertainment in February 2021, while member L (Kim Myung Soo) left in August 2019.

As such, only Woohyun and Sungjong remain at Woollim Entertainment. Industry insiders revealed the possible future plans of INFINITE following the decision of most members to leave the company.

Similar to L and former member Hoya, Sungyeol is reportedly planning to pursue an acting career.

However, after eleven years, the members all had their own inside stories that made them choose to stand alone. Hoya and L have turned into actors. It looks like Lee Sungyeol, who was unable to renew his contract on March 31, will be promoting as an ‘acting idol’ until he can find a new acting management agency.

— Industry insiders

Sunggyu, on the other hand, was recently in discussions to join a large entertainment company. Ultimately, the discussions fell through.

According to the music industry, Kim Sunggyu had a recent contract discussion with a large entertainment agency, but ended up backfiring.

— Industry insiders

Rapper Dongwoo is reportedly planning to join a hip hop label. “On the other hand, Jang Dong Woo is expected to sign a contract with a hip-hop label.

Maknae Sungjong, meanwhile, is currently focusing on his enlistment: “Sungjong will discuss his contract renewal following the completion of his military service as a public service worker.”

Woohyun is currently serving in the military and will be discharged in August. Because he had renewed his contract with Woollim Entertainment prior to his enlistment, it is allegedly possible for INFINITE to promote as a group in the future.

However, because Nam Woohyun completed his contract renewal before enlisting in the military, there remains a possibility for a full INFINITE promotion. Nam Woohyun will be discharged this August.

— Industry insiders

After his contract ended in 2019, L continued to promote actively as an actor while staying friends with his members and the company. “L, who is currently active as an actor, also maintains a strong relationship with the members as well as Woollim.

He enlisted in the military in February 2021 and will be one of the last members of the group to be discharged. Afterwards, the insiders revealed that it is possible for INFINITE to make a comeback in three years.

Out of all the members, L is the latest to be discharged. However, if the members are willing, there is a possibility that INFINITE will make a comeback in about three years.

— Industry insiders

The members who have already completed their mandatory military service wish to continue interacting with fans by releasing solo albums.

From the perspective of the members who have completed their military service, they want to communicate with their fans by continuing to release solo albums and clearly express their own style of music. It is these conflicts of interest that have resulted in leaving and finding a new company.

— Industry insiders

| The Star

Here’s to hoping INFINITE will make a comeback in the future with all members!

| Woollim Entertainment
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