Fans Are Thrilled With This New “Upgrade” Between Seasons For “In The SOOP” SEVENTEEN

A huge change has occurred.

In The SOOP SEVENTEEN just launched its renewed second season. The first season was a huge hit, and fans greatly looked forward to season two. One thing about HYBE is that it takes the protection of its artists pretty seriously. The entire season one had the editors censoring the boys’ bare chests when they removed their shirts.

Hoshi being covered by CG. | Weverse

It’s not the first time HYBE editors took great pains to cover their boys up. They often covered BTS’s shirtless moments on camera.

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All cards were off the table for the second season of In The SOOP though. In the first episode, fans were treated to the boys gymming with their abs bare.

| Weverse

Not only was Hoshi sporting some hard-earned abs, but Dino was also looking very washboard-like.

| Weverse

We knew they worked hard, but those abs are a true sign of their dedication to fitness. This “upgrade” was a dearly welcome one for many.

Although the footage of their workouts are now free-for-all (or for those Carats who made the purchase on Weverse), many are also quick to remind fellow fans not to sexualize the members.


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