Irene’s Debut Film “Double Patty” Claims One Of The Poor Attitude Accusers Is Not Production Staff

One of the accusers reportedly lied that they worked with Irene on “Double Patty.”

In light of Red Velvet‘s Irene‘s poor attitude controversy, some of the attention has naturally shifted to her debut film, Double Patty and the effects the incident might have on the movie industry.

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Regarding the status of the film, the producers of Double Patty confirmed that the film will premiere in 2021 as scheduled and that the delay was solely due to the summer typhoon and COVID-19, not Irene’s controversy.

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A long-time stylist and editor recently accused Irene’s poor attitude, and many other professionals in the industry either supported the claims or refuted them with their own stories.

Meanwhile, one accuser claimed that they worked with Irene on her film, Double Patty, and supported the original claims.

I recently filmed a movie with a friend who’s famous for being pretty… I’ve been in this industry for a long time, and I’ve worked with countless actors, but she was beyond your imagination…

— Accuser

Not only did the accuser support the original claims, but they also added the claim that she had a way of rationalizing her own behavior and that they even pitied her manager.

I figured she was just acting like that because she was unfamiliar with movie sets, but that turned out to be just her personality… She had an impressive way of rationalizing that she’s just shy and sensitive… I feel sorry for her manager… Just focus on your on job. Stop making a mess elsewhere… All staff are saying this was bound to blow up eventually.

— Accuser

But regarding this accuser, the Double Patty producers stressed that they are actually not a part of the production staff at all.

The person who wrote that social media post is not a production staff.

— Double Patty


Source: SBS News

Red Velvet Irene's Attitude Controversy

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