EXID’s Hyelin Reveals How Idols Flirt With Each Other During ISACs

They all do it.

On a recent episode of Video Star, EXID‘s Hyelin revealed exactly how idols flirt with each other during the Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISACs).


She first explained that the flirting mostly occurs during the opening and closing ceremony. This sounds reasonable as it is the time when all the idols gather at one place.


The ones that have a special something going on apparently look at each other in a different way.


Hyelin continued that the brave ones made more noticeable gestures such as brushing their hand while passing by.


Moreover, the idol confessed that she saw these situations very often.

“I’ve seen these situations a lot, actually.”


After hearing her story, Sandara Park chimed in, explaining that idols used to do this during year-end award ceremonies during her time as well.


Then she subtly indicated that this happened to her as well while explaining they could not help but give these “special stares” as they couldn’t go on a date even though it was Christmas.


All they could do was look at each other as they passed by and greeted each other.


After hearing their stories, it definitely does not sound easy to date as an idol! Check out the full video below:

Source: Naver TV


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