Black Man Named A Hero After Saving Around 30 Lives In The Itaewon Halloween Emergency

A savior.

The Itaewon Halloween Emergency that occurred on October 29, 2022, has been haunting the nation for the week. Over 157 people passed away due to a human crush in a narrow alleyway in the popular area.

A Black man has recently been hailed a hero after he was identified as someone who saved over 30 lives. A Korean man in his 20s recounted her horrific experience with the human crush. He had been enjoying his night with five other friends around 6pm. They walked over to the stairway near Hamilton Hotel right before the incident happened.

Foreigners are consoling each other at the public wake. | Biz Herald

He was trapped in the crowd attempting to go up the stairs. Unable to bear the pressure, he fell to the ground and was crushed under four men. He was trapped there for close to 15 minutes and feared death. Around then, a burly Black man grabbed him by the arm and armpits and pulled him out of the crush. He described the ease and strength the Black man had by likening the act to pulling a radish out of the ground.

The Black man was able to pull out the Korean man easily, despite the man being 182cm (5 ’97 ft) tall and weighing around 96kg (211 lbs). The Korean man praised him as his savior and continued to remember that the Black man had pulled out around 30 other people similarly. He disappeared quietly when the medical staff reached the area.

A couple consoling each other on the day of the incident. | Biz Herald

The Korean man was so grateful that he made a public request through the media interview. Should anyone know who the Black man was, they should contact him immediately. The Korean man wished to convey his gratitude to his savior.

The media later revealed that the hero was an American soldier stationed in Gyeonggi-do. Hopefully, the two managed to reconnect! What a hero.

Source: Herald Corp

Itaewon Halloween Emergency

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