ITZY And aespa’s Recent Interaction Showcases The Groups’ Natural Chemistry, Proving Their Genuine Friendship


ITZY and aespa have been close friends for some time now, but friendship crumbs for fans are still a rare thing.

The two groups first became friends through a series of cute incidents, which led to aespa’s Karina and ITZY’s Ryujin becoming one of the most iconic friendship duos in K-Pop.

In fact, Ryujin even sent fans into meltdown once when she was asked if she was dating Karina. More recently, the two of them traded texts back and forth while Ryujin was holding a live stream, teasing the possibility of doing one together sometime.

While they have yet to go through with that promise, fans were able to finally see them together in the same frame once again. ITZY made an unexpected cameo in aespa’s vlog from the behind-the-scenes of the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejejeon, melting netizens’ hearts with the natural chemistry between the groups.

ITZY first made an appearance when Karina hilariously showed off her finger Santa Claus hat to them while Giselle and NingNing joined them for a chat in the background…

| aespa/YouTube

…and then again when aespa were onstage with their camera. Aespa had been recording a “Merry Christmas” message for MYs when Karina and Giselle noticed that Ryujin was in the center of the camera frame.

They hilariously told her so…

…leading ITZY to simply join aespa’s vlog for an adorable group Christmas greeting.

Fans even noticed at the time that Ryujin sneakily took a picture of the aespa members from behind while still onstage!

Netizens were more than happy to see them all together again, as it’s almost easy to tell that they’re all comfortable with each other.

| aespa/YouTube
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Even ITZY’s Yuna has revealed that she is close with aespa’s NingNing!

The two groups will always have one of the best friendships in K-Pop. With any luck, we’ll see them interact in person a lot more.

In the meantime, check out the full clip from aespa’s vlog right here.

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