ITZY’s Ryujin Had The Best Response When Fans Asked If She’s Dating aespa’s Karina

Wholesome bestie vibes.

The members of ITZY and aespa have slowly but surely formed a really sweet friendship, resulting in some adorable moments over time that fans can’t get enough of. And when ITZY’s Ryujin was recently asked if she is dating aespa’s Karina, she had the absolute best response.

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Ryujin had previously shared back in December that she’s now close with Karina, Winter and Giselle.


And it seems like she may now be true besties with Karina in particular, considering the pet name that she has for her!

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In her most recent live, Ryujin was answering fans’ questions when she came across one asking if she was dating Karina, Much like that time a fan referred to themselves as her girlfriend, Ryujin did not immediately dismiss the comment. Instead, Ryujin replied that she actually often refers to Karina as jagi, or ‘darling.’ And not only that, but there’s actually only two people whom Ryujin calls jagi, and that’s Karina and her own member Chaeryeong!


Dating? I mean, I call her jagi (darling). I don’t normally call people jagi but I do use jagi for Chaeryeong & Jimin unnie. And… Jimin unnie and I’ve made snow ducks together before… and snow bears, too.

— Ryujin

Considering how busy both idols must be, it’s sweet that they the really do seem to be close, even taking time to hang out together and make snow ducks and bears. Fans are more than happy to see this adorable friendship continue to grow…

And not just between Ryujin and Karina. The friendship between the members of ITZY and aespa as two of the industry’s biggest acts is truly iconic. When Karina and Yeji performed at the 2021 MAMAs, Karina mentioned that Yeji was one of her only celebrity friends. In fact, their friendship went viral when footage of them adorably supporting each other at the 2021 MAMAs resurfaced.

With Ryujin providing fans with more crumbs, we are all definitely here for more of ITZY and aespa’s iconic friendship!


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