ITZY And STAYC Did Each Others’ TikTok Dance Challenges And We Are Living For It

We want more!

Rising popular rookies STAYC and hot girl group, ITZY, recently did each others’ TikTok dance challenges! They exchanged choreographies, giving fans a special treat.

ITZY attempted the famous “kkuk-kkukie dance” (pressing down dance) from STAYC’s “ASAP”. They certainly got the points down! With STAYC members Sieun and Seeun leading the dance, Chaeryeong, Yuna and Ryujin completely mastered the dance.

On the other hand, while STAYC choreographies and songs are usually kept fresh and bubbly, they totally rocked “MAFIA In The Morning” and its badass choreography! The ITZY girls even ended off the dance by gazing sweetly at Sieun and Seeun. I mean, who could blame them?

We’re absolutely living for this queen energy! Hopefully there will be more to come.

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