ITZY Fans Are Shocked By Yeji, Chaeryeong And Yuna In Latest Japanese Video

No one saw this coming either!

The ITZY members released a video that they shot for Apple Music Japan, and fans were blown away by Yeji, Chaeryeong and Yuna‘s particular skill!


Yeji started off by commenting on Valentine’s Day but she did it all in Japanese!


Chaeryeong then went on to introduce their latest release of ‘DALLA DALLA’ in superb Japanese skills!


Then Yuna finished off by asking for the love and support for their new album, “IT’Z DIFFERENT”, and it was perfect!


Japanese fans even approved of their fluency as they complimented each members’ pronunciation!

“Good Japanese✨” — @LOVE00248859

“Everyone’s Japanese is pretty good” — @Hinatzuyu03

“Everyone’s Japanese is good!! I’m impressed that they can speak Japanese 😭😭💕💕 I’m energized” – @@uUASenA2WUVbzE4


Not only are the ITZY members great at speaking Japanese, Lia and Ryujin blew the fans away with their superb English skills just a day ago!


ITZY fans can’t get enough about how their queens aren’t only bilingual but multilingual!


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