ITZY’s Yuna Reassures Fans That She’s Eating Well After They Express Concern For Her Thin Appearance

She updated fans.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of body image issues or eating disorders that may disturb some readers.

ITZY‘s Yuna reassured fans that she is healthy following concern from fans after a recent fancam of her looking noticeably thinner was posted.


During ITZY’s fanmeeting in April 2022, fans showed concern for Yuna when she emerged with a significantly thinner body and visible ribs at various points in the performance.

However, Yuna recently messaged fans on Bubble to let everyone know she’s eating well.

Greek apple crumble..?

I’m at the dorm

It isn’t..jokbal!

Yep yep it’s delicious

I’m eating well so don’t worry lol

— Yuna

Always updating fans with what she’s doing, she will frequently send photos of her meals and snacks.

Yuna’s eating desert now

Fatcarons*! (*Fat macarons)

Blueberry yogurt flavor

No but why am I eating this well..?

A photo..?


It’s in my belly..


— Yuna

Fans have stepped up to defend Yuna on social media by trending #YunaYouAreBeautiful from unwarranted body shaming.

Additionally, fans have defended her by showing other angles and lighting of the same performance where her ribs appear much less prominent.

While the only person who truly knows Yuna’s health is herself, fans hope that she is always staying healthy and happy!