IU And “Boys Planet” Sung Hanbin Fandoms’ Unexpected Collaboration Is Going Viral On Twitter

Collaboration of the year?

One of the most popular and stand-out trainees of the Boys Planet survival series is STUDIO GL1DE‘s Sung Hanbin.

Sung Hanbin | MNET

The star attracted attention from the beginning, earning much screentime and fans in return. The trainee attracted attention not only for his pre-debut photos…

| @eungaeplanet/Twitter
| @eungaeplanet/Twitter

…but for his stunning IRL visuals during a surprise visit to his fan-placed ads.

As a result of his popularity, Sung Hanbin remained in the number one spot on the show until the most recent rankings, where he still was in the top three of the final global voting. This high ranking has never been seen before in other survival-based reality programs.

Boys Planet‘s finale is scheduled for April 20 at Jamsil Arena in Seoul, and voting will not end until 10 a.m. the same day. Only nine of the current eighteen trainees will make the final group and promote with the temporary unit. Because of this, fans have gotten creative in garnering support for their favorite idols, including promoting them at other K-Pop events.


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♬ banana shake – moved

Fans even got a first-generation ulzzangHan Areumsongee, to promote Lee Junghyun on her Instagram account.

It is the finals for Boys Planet this week. Please vote for young’un Junghyun. As a 32-year-old star create, I cannot bear for such a handsome, young, and tall man to not be on TV.

— Areumsongee

Fans of Sung Hanbin have found their own way to get him votes — in the form of an unexpected collaboration with soloist IU!

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

The day before the final voting closed, one of Sung Hanbin’s fan accounts on Twitter shared they would be working with UAENAs (IU’s fans) to exchange votes for the two stars. In return for voting for Sung Hanbin, his fans would vote for IU to win the Baeksang Popularity Award. This award ceremony honors excellence in film, television and theatre.

The “collaboration” became such a hot topic on Twitter that it trended in different categories after it was revealed.

While some fans were a little disappointed that it wasn’t an actual music collaboration…

…others embraced the two fandoms teaming up to support their faves!

Correction: A previous version mistakenly stated eleven would debut in the final group. Nine contestants will make it to the final group. 

Boys Planet

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