IU’s Father Forgets His One And Only Daughter’s Birthday

He was off by years, not just days or months.

In light of IU‘s comeback, past interaction with her father resurfaced for how funny yet sad it is.

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Back in 2015, IU appeared as the DJ of IU’s Petite Radio where her father made a surprise appearance.

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At the time, IU made a call to her father and played a speed quiz.

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But when IU asked her father about her birthday, he paused for a while before confidently shouting the wrong answer.

Pass! Wait, May 16, 1983!

— IU’s Father

That’s when IU died of laughter. Because her birthday is on May 16, 1993.

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She couldn’t get over her father’s mistake because of the small age gap there would’ve been if he was right.

If I was born in 1983, we wouldn’t have much of an age difference. I would’ve been able to call you ‘oppa.’

— IU

Just to confirm, IU called her father 2 years later and asked him the same question, to which he responded with more confidence than before.

May 16, 1993!

— IU’s Father

And IU was “impressed.”

You know it well now.

— IU

In contrast to the first time, IU’s father got her birthday right and proceeded to answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly!

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For more of IU and her father’s hilarious interaction, check out the clip below:

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