IU Presents “Hotel Del Luna” Magoshin Actress Seo Yi Sook With A Thoughtful Gift

Such a wholesome piece of news!

On KBS‘s Problem Child In House, during an interview segment with Hotel Del Luna‘s beloved magoshin, actress Seo Yi Sook, it was revealed that she had recently received a precious gift from IU herself.

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Seo Yi Sook further revealed that she and the petite singer are close enough that they frequently exchange text messages. IU had sent her a gift of honey, which is known to be quite expensive, especially the pure type of honey.

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IU’s reasoning had been that she personally takes a spoonful of raw honey mixed in hot water every morning to maintain her throat condition. The singer loves the tip so much that she gifted a box of raw honey to Seo Yi Sook, saying that it was good for health!

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The precious moment can be watched on tonight’s Problem Child In House episode on the 25th of August 2020 at 10.40pm KST. It is great to see the continuing friendships of the Hotel Del Luna cast even a year after the drama has concluded. Previously, the cast including Yeo Jin Goo and P.O was reunited on A House On Wheels as they gathered for a caravan meal.

Source: Star Today