IU Shares That She Unselfishly Wishes For Her Lover To Have One Thing

“I thought this was true love…”

IU is one of K-Pop and K-Entertainment’s treasures as a successful musician and actress—but her success didn’t come overnight. As a workaholic who spent restless nights, she revealed how these two simple words mean so much to her: good night.

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At the end of last year, IU was in the spotlight for confirming her relationship with actor Lee Jong Suk after a long history of friendship, and this beautiful power couple enthralled the public.

IU (left) and Lee Jong Suk (right) on “Inkigayo” | SBS

The two appear to be happily in love, with Lee Jong Suk adorably showing his love for her by wearing her merch and matching couple items.

The two wearing couple items | Dispatch

Recently, a past interview of IU on tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block resurfaced, where she talked about her famous lullaby-like song, “Through the Night.” When asked about the process of writing this song, IU revealed she wrote it when she couldn’t sleep well.

I thought about when I can’t sleep well at night, what’s the best and most genuine way to confess your feelings to the person you love? In my case, because I can’t sleep well, saying ‘good night’ was the most pure way to express my love.

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She continued that being alone with no one to talk to at night while everyone else was sleeping was lonely because of her insomnia.

After having insomnia for a while, when I texted or talked to someone and they fell asleep first, it made me sad. I would think, ‘Oh, I guess I’m alone now’ when communication stopped with my friends. And I would become a little ungenerous with wishing my friends a good night.

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Although she didn’t want to say “good night” because she didn’t want to be left alone, IU said it was different with the person she loves.

I would become stingy saying ‘good night,’ but if there’s someone I truly love, without thinking about myself, I wish for them to have a good night’s sleep—I thought this was true love, and that’s how I wrote this song.

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On You Quiz On The Block, IU was also asked a question about love:

If you have someone you love and they ask you, ‘How much do you love me?’ how would you respond?

IU responded to this with an answer that aligned with what she had said before.

As an extension of ‘Through the Night,’ I would tell them, ‘I love you enough to help you go to sleep every night.’

Although “good night” is a standard greeting used by people worldwide before they go to sleep, for IU, it holds a deeper meaning. Getting a good night’s sleep is a blessing for her, so she wishes this blessing upon the person she loves.


Watch the full You Quiz On The Block interview here.

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