IU Once Did Something So Special For OH MY GIRL’s YooA, It Changed The Way She Thinks About Herself

It was simple yet impactful.

OH MY GIRL‘s YooA and soloist IU are two female singers who are completely supportive of each other. YooA once covered the hit song “eight,” and IU even promoted it on her Instagram page!

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

YooA recently talked about the interaction in an episode of Leemujin Service where she covered songs like “Hype Boy,” “Better,” and “Strawberry Moon”—the last one being a form of thanks to IU.

Host Mujin brought up the topic when he noticed that she enjoys doing music related activities like cover songs. Of course, one such cover was IU’s “eight” featuring BTS‘s Suga.

It seems like you really enjoy doing activities that are related to music. You even upload a lot of cover songs. Among the cover songs that you uploaded, I remember that there was a song by IU, and IU complimented your cover on her Instagram.

— Mujin

The girl group singer recalled the first time she learned that IU had shared it on three of her Instagram Stories. Her eyes widened in shock and her mouth dropped in disbelief.

That’s right. When I saw that, my eyes were like… I checked it, and it was really uploaded on her Instagram.

— YooA

IU proudly promoted the cover and added a simple compliment on the last story—”pretty.”

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

It meant so much to YooA that it changed the way she thinks of herself and her progress. She realized that she was doing well in her career. It even made her think, “YooA, you are doing well, so relax here.

Through that, I was able to verify that I’m doing well, and it felt like a consolidation. For me, IU’s Instagram post sounded like, ‘YooA, you are doing well, so relax here.’

— YooA

In the same episode, YooA opened up about not being “a skilled singer” and how she came to that conclusion. Read all about it in the article below.

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Source: YouTube


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