IU Opens Up About Her Struggle With Self-Hatred When She First Rose To Stardom

It didn’t matter how much money she was making at a young age.

IU recently appeared on tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block where she got honest about her younger years as a superstar.

IU revealed that she chooses to write songs that represent different years in her life because she notices just how much she changes as time goes by.

On that note, IU confessed that when she was in her early 20s, she had a hard time loving herself.

I had a serious case of self-hatred when I was younger.

— IU


And by the time things turned around, she was 25.

I changed when I released ‘Palette.’ There’s nothing that’s surprising, disappointing, or new to me anymore. I learned to accept my flaws as a good thing. I decided to be kind to myself.

— IU

| LOEN Entertainment

Now that she has learned to love herself, IU expressed that she’s now making an effort to take care of her health.

And as for the future, she predicts that she’ll be just as hard-working 10 years from now.

I think I’ll still be working hard. I might even be more meticulous than I am now.

— IU

It’s safe to say all fans are looking forward to IU’s long career ahead.

Source: Insight