IVE “Exposes” Starship Entertainment For Treating Them Differently Since Winning A Daesang

There has been a huge change!

IVE revealed how different their label treated them after winning the Daesang Award.


The idol group was a guest on the April 15 episode of Knowing Bros. On this day, Kim Hee Chul asked the members what had changed since winning the Daesang Award. The Daesang is the highest award artists can achieve in Korean award ceremonies.

Does your label treat you differently since winning the Daesang?

— Kim Hee Chul

Ahn Yujin then revealed that there had been a huge difference!

According to the idol, prior to winning the award, the members had lived in a large apartment, but since winning the award, the members lived in two separate apartments, to which members yelled happily that each member now had their own room.

Before, the six of us lived in a large apartment, but now (the members) live in two separate homes.

— Ahn Yujin

Meanwhile, IVE has won the Rookie Of The Year and Daesang awards at the Melon Music Awards, MAMA Awards, Asia Artist Awards, and the Golden Disk Awards.

The group’s recent appearance has caused quite a stir, with the group’s Ahn Yujin going viral for her composed response to what audiences felt were rude questions. Read more about it in the link below.

IVE’s Ahn Yujin Goes Viral For Her Composed Answers To “Rude” Questions On “Knowing Bros”


Source: Insight


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