“It Gives Me Strength” — IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Goes Viral After Opening Up To Fans

Fans are trending their support.

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung is indisputably one of the currently most well-known K-Pop idols. No matter what Wonyoung is doing, be it “crying like an angel” or traveling at the airport, the idol never fails to go viral.

IVE’s Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Still, there can be a heavy price for fame, and haters frequently call the idol out for everything from unfounded plastic surgery rumors to a proven edited video that some claimed was proof of Wonyoung disrespecting IU.

But despite the continued accusations against her, Wonyoung maintains her poise as an idol and even shows off her true personality while interacting with her members and other idols.

| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

In the past, Wonyoung has admitted that she doesn’t always feel cheerful but tries to be as positive as possible for the sake of herself and those around her.

If I have up and down [emotions], those around me would have a hard time too. It would be hard on me too. So I try to maintain a happy mind in the right way.

— Wonyoung

| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Now Wonyoung is once again going viral on Twitter, but this time as part of her fans’ efforts to show their love and support for the idol. In a messaging app, Wonyoung told fans that she gets strength from those who cheer her on.

It gives me strength to know that I have an unnie who cheers me on
I have an unnie
I bet you’re jealous

— Wonyoung’s messages to fans

And she even told fans that they should get strength from her too.

Unnie, now you can say the same to people who give you a difficult time
Say it with me
I have Wonyoung
I bet you’re jealous

— Wonyoung’s messages to fans

In response to Wonyoung’s messages, fans began trending their support for the idol with the hashtag #We Love You Wonyoung, promising they’ll be “forever with Wonyoung.”

There’s no doubt that Wonyoung’s fans will always be there to support her.

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