IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Opens Up About Why She Maintains Such A Positive Attitude

It showcases her true personality.

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung is constantly astonishing fans with her immense professionalism as she balances various schedules. Not only is the idol constantly promoting with IVE…

IVE | @IVEstarship/Twitter

But she is also a weekly MC on Music Bank

Wonyoung at Music Bank | @KBSMusicBank

And continually promotes different brands.

Wonyoung for Miu Miu | @MIUMIUofficial/Twitter

Despite her constant schedules, Wonyoung is always seen with a smile and always greets fans kindly.

In fact, all of IVE want to learn about being professional from Wonyoung.

Something I want to learn from Wonyoung is her professional image.

Something I want to learn from Wonyoung is being a professional idol.

Something I want to learn from Wonyoung is being a professional.

Something I want to learn from Wonyoung is being a professional.


The idol recently earned immense praise from netizens when they realized how grueling Wonyoung’s schedules were. To attend all of her different events, Wonyoung performed with IVE in South Korea on September 19 and 21 before flying to Paris for Paris Fashion Week. After only a few days in Paris, Wonyoung flew back to South Korea on September 28 to perform and host Music Bank.

Of course, Wonyoung impressed in all of her performances, although fans were demanding Starship Entertainment let her rest after the idol looked unwell during a performance.

But regardless of how difficult it must have been, Wonyoung impressed fans with her lovely fan service and stunning visuals at Paris Fashion Week. Fans even praised how she included Korean culture in her gorgeous look.

Wonyoung at FRED’s Palais De Tokyo Paris exhibition | @fredjewelry/Instagram

There was no denying how incredibly professional the idol was. In a recent “get ready with me” video for VOGUE KOREA, Wonyoung explained how she tries to maintain a positive mindset despite everything.

The fact that you feel [that I have unique, fresh energy] gives me so much strength.

— Wonyoung


Wonyoung admitted that she doesn’t always feel cheerful when preparing for schedules.

To be honest, when I am rushing for my schedule, I do feel down. So I try to maintain the middle.

— Wonyoung


But for the sake of those around her and herself, she tries to be as positive as possible.

If I have up and down [emotions], those around me would have a hard time too. It would be hard on me too. So I try to maintain a happy mind in the right way.

— Wonyoung


Especially since, like anyone, she gets “nervous too.”

When preparing, I am nervous too.

— Wonyoung


You can read more about Wonyoung’s incredible professionalism here.

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