IVE’s Liz Gains Attention For Effortless Live Vocals Nailing The High Notes

Finally getting the attention she deserves!

IVE‘s Liz has always been known for her incredible vocals. As the group’s main vocal, she’s been in charge of the high notes since debut. Although fans were upset about her lack of parts in the group’s pre-release song, “KITSCH,” fans were delighted to see that she got the parts she deserved in the main title song, “I AM.”

Line Distribution In New Single “Kitsch” Causes Upset Among IVE Fans

During a recent live performance on 1theK‘s 4CUT Live, Liz proved she could nail the high notes any time. She didn’t even need to strain her voice to hit the notes. The video of her belting out the high notes effortlessly soon hit over 100,000 views in a few hours.

She also nailed the chorus duet with Ahn Yujin.

Netizens were highly impressed with her vocal skills.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Liz is really good at singing.
  • Damn… I knew she was good because she also did well during FanCon but she can do this live????
  • Both of them (Yujin) sing really well.
  • Wow, Yujin was also a vocal? Amazing… She’s pretty but does everything well.
  • They’re such live songbirds.
  • I think that Liz’s got the parts that fit her so much. When she sings the chorus with Yujin, it’s so stable and great.
  • Liz’s vocals are super refreshing.

We’re glad to see Liz getting the attention she deserves! Catch the entire performance below.

Source: theqoo


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