Fans Praise IVE’s Professionalism While Handling Multiple Difficulties During Their “Seoul Festa 2023” Stage

Fans didn’t even notice that Leeseo got hurt because of her professionalism.

IVE are continually demonstrating their incredible professionalism, despite any circumstances that may arise, like when Leeseo handled a wardrobe malfunction with expert efficiency, despite having debuted less than a week ago at the time.

IVE’s Leeseo seamlessly picked up a fallen earring 

Or when Wonyoung injured her knee, but almost no one noticed.

Or when Liz took care of a wardrobe malfunction that fans also didn’t notice even happened.

And now IVE are again receiving praise for their professionalism after their performance at Seoul Festa 2023. Despite all the issues that occurred, IVE gave a memorable performance, even as fans missed Rei who is currently on a hiatus.

Fans praised the group for giving their all despite the heavy rain during the performance.

And while fans were extremely grateful that none of IVE slipped on stage, they still voiced concern that the group had to perform with the risk of injuring themselves.

Similarly, Yujin‘s in-ear monitor seemed to be having difficulties throughout the performance, but she still managed to give an incredible performance.

And she even prioritized her members’ safety, as Yujin made sure to tell Gaeul and Leeseo not to sit down on the slippery stage.

Leeseo even injured her knee during the performance, but she maintained such professionalism that most fans didn’t even notice she’d injured herself.

Similarly, fans voiced concern with the fireworks that went off during their stage, as Wonyoung and Liz especially seemed frightened by them.

Fans hope that none of the members will get sick after performing in the rain.

And while, of course, they wish that IVE didn’t have to perform in such conditions…

They are impressed by just how professional IVE are, as the group continues to prove their incredible talent.


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