IZ*ONE’s Honda Hitomi Spark “Center” Rumors With New AKB48 Comeback Photos

Could it be her time to shine?

Honda Hitomi is making headlines for her upcoming AKB48 comeback. A new photo of AKB48’s members has been circulating online as the group approaches their highly anticipated comeback date. However, out of everybody, one particular member stood out and it was none other than former IZ*ONE member, Honda Hitomi.

Honda Hitomi | Off The Record Entertainment

This will mark Honda Hitomi’s first comeback with the group since 2018, before she began to promote with the project girl group IZ*ONE. And while she has been well-known way before her IZ*ONE fame, it seems that her 2-year run with the former K-Pop girl group has garnered her even more popularity.

In the AKB48 photo, every other member has dark brown or black hair, which creates a unison amongst the group. Honda Hitomi, however, is the lone member who has pink hair. This means that every gaze towards the girl group will naturally revert itself to Honda Hitomi due to her bright hair color.

AKB48 “Rumor” comeback | King Records

While it is not always the case, the center or the visual of a K-Pop group is usually given something to set them apart from the rest of the members while on stage. Jennie from BLACKPINK is usually given a different colored outfit or a big “wow” piece to make her stand out during the group’s live performances.

BLACKPINK, Jennie (second from the right) | YG Entertainment

While Irene from Red Velvet is given some type of accessory to help elevate her looks, which allows her to be set apart from her other members.

Red Velvet, Irene (center.)

Due to these reasons, Honda Hitomi’s pink hair has caused quite a reaction amongst Korean netizens, with some believing that she may be the center for AKB48’s upcoming comeback.

| theqoo
  • “Hitomi’s hair really stands out.”
  • “Tomi is at a main character level.”
  • “Her pink hair really freaking stands out. Hwaiting.”
  • “I’m sure they’ll use Hitomi’s popularity and put her in the center at least once.”
  • “I’m going to predict who the center will be and I think it’ll be Hitomi. For the next single, it’ll be Hitomi again.”
  • “Hitomi is the only one with dyed hair.”

While everything is still a just speculation, one thing that is for certain is that she definitely stands out amongst all of her dark haired members! AKB48 is set to make their much anticipated return with Honda Hitomi in September 2021, so be on the lookout for that.

Source: theqoo