Lee Chaeyeon Opens Her Own Personal Instagram Account

Chaeyeon’s side profile in her first Instagram pics is just 👌 *chef’s kiss*

IZ*ONE‘s former Main dancer, lead vocalist, and lead rapper Lee Chaeyeon has now opened her own personal Instagram account, and her username is simply adorable.

Chaeyeon’s Instagram account was revealed on May 23, 2021 with the username @chaestival_, an adorable mashup of “Chaeyeon” and “festival.”

| Stone Music Entertainment

For her first post, Chaeyeon uploaded two photos showing off her beautiful side profile in the sunlight captioned, “🎡Welcome to Chaestival🎡.”

Alongside following her fellow IZ*ONE members on Instagram, Chaeyeon is also following choreographer and Produce 48 dance trainer Bae Yoon Jung, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, and WM Entertainment‘s official account—plus the account she set up for her dogs, Chaeri and Chaeso.

| @chaestival_/Instagram

As for her profile picture, Chaeyeon selected a gorgeous selfie with her face bathed in sunlight.

| @chaestival_/Instagram

Within an hour, Chaeyeon secured over 50,000 followers and a spot on several Twitter trending lists around the world. After 5 hours, her follower total is now 170,000.

Chaeyeon was the sixth former member of IZ*ONE to have her own Instagram account. Choi Yena opened her Instagram account a few days before Chaeyeon and currently has over 390,000 followers.

Kang Hyewon opened her Instagram account earlier this month and currently has over 430,000 followers.

Plus, the group’s former Japanese members all have Instagram accounts which were opened before they joined IZ*ONE. Miyawaki Sakura has 1.2 million followers.

Yabuki Nako has over 740,000 followers.

And Honda Hitomi has 690,000 followers.

Soon after Chaeyeon opened her Instagram account, IZ*ONE’s former leader Kwon Eunbi followed in her footsteps.

Kwon Eunbi Opens Her Own Personal Instagram Account


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