GOT7’s Jackson Wang Clarifies What Label He Is Signed To In His First Solo VLIVE

“We’re a team.”

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang created his own VLIVE channel to help better promote his solo activities. On February 25, he hosted his first live broadcast on the channel and shared his plans as an artist for this year.

| @teamwangofcl/Twitter

He realized many fans were confused about whether or not he has signed to a new label since he left JYP Entertainment. He clarified that he, as an artist, has not signed with Sublime Artist Agency whereas his fellow GOT7 member Youngjae has. He explained that he is actually signed with his own label TEAM WANG. His label has partnered with Sublime Artist Agency as a team.

| 잭슨 (Jackson Wang)/VLIVE

Jackson said that their official plans will be announced soon. At this time, his first personal goal is to get his solo music on all music streaming platforms. While he was a guest on Dive StudiosGET REAL podcast, he explained that, while he was signed with JYP Entertainment, he we was not allowed to do any solo promotions in South Korea, including release any songs as an individual. As a result, until now, none of his music could be on Korean music screaming platforms.

| 잭슨 (Jackson Wang)/VLIVE

You can keep up with Jackson’s new music below.



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