JAMIE Reveals Handsome New Boyfriend In A “Lovestagram” Post: Who Is The Lucky Man?

Aaand JAMIE takes the cutest couple award!!! 💖🥹💖

In her latest Instagram post, K-Pop soloist JAMIE revealed her new relationship with The Iron Squad Season 2 contestant Goo Min Chul.

Jamie | @jiminxjamie/Instagram

A series of four black and white photobooth-style clips showed Jamie and Goo Min Chul embracing each other and even sharing a sweet kiss. In the caption, she wrote, “Let’s be happy 💚!”

Jamie’s long-time industry friends—like KARD‘s Jiwoo, Ailee, WJSN‘s Exy, and BIGONE—congratulated the star in the comments section.

| @jiminxjamie/Instagram

Jiwoo: Babe, stay happy. 💜

Exy: OMG💚!

The same post was shared to Goo Min Chul’s Instagram as well, captioned with a single black heart.

Goo Min Chul, born 1998, appeared on the military survival show as a member of the South Korean UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) of the special operations force of the Republic of Korea Navy in February of 2022. Since the finale of the program in May, he has generally remained off screen. As of November 2022, he opened “Milltan,” a KBBQ restaurant in Seoul.

Goo Min Chul | @hodohodopo/Instagram

Congratulations to the new cutest couple!

Source: Sports Hankook