“Get Her Off The Show”: Netizens Call Out JAMIE For AAVE

“HWAITING” Season 3 premiered, but viewers have mixed reactions.

Netizens are calling out JAMIE (former member of the duo 15& and the project group M.O.L.A, also formerly known as Jimin Park) for AAVE.

JAMIE | @jiminxjamie/Instagram

Initially, most fans were excited for JAMIE to return as she was one of the original members of the HWAITING debut cast. Also, season 2 was met with mixed reactions as it included only male contestants, with the one woman cast member, Ashley Choi, serving as a co-host.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube
DIVE Studios/YouTube

Yet, upon watching the full episode, many netizens were taken aback by JAMIE’s behavior and language.

DIVE Studios/YouTube

During introductions, JAMIE briefly sang Chlöe‘s “Have Mercy” and twerked. Viewers interpreted this as a reference to one of Keeho’s memes of himself singing along to the song during a live broadcast.


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As HWAITING always divides its cast up into teams, following introductions, the cast played a game for team selection. According to the rules, “Anyone who wants to be on the same team will approach the player sitting alone” who has their back turned. They can accept or reject the persons to join their team.

DIVE Studios/YouTube
DIVE Studios/YouTube
DIVE Studios/YouTube

JAMIE was the first contestant, and no one approached her to join her team. Keeho mentioned she previously shared that she was good at losing. When she realized everyone had pretended to join her team, she teasingly called them out for “acting” and went on an expletive “tirade” filled with F-bombs.

|  DIVE Studios/YouTube

It was not just her frequent cursing that was met with mixed reactions by viewers, though.

Keeho was the next contestant to sit alone for co-stars to join his team. Eric had asked him how many persons he thought might choose him, so Keeho replied, “I think three.” JAMIE exclaimed, “Bro, you cap!” 


poor kyo 🙁 #lovseob #p1harmony #p1ece

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Netizens reacted to JAMIE’s usage of “cap” as clips went viral on social media. They said that she misused AAVE.


AAVE is African-American Vernacular English. Oftentimes today, AAVE is mislabeled as Gen-Z or TikTok slang and lingo.

African-American Vernacular English is the variety of English natively spoken, particularly in urban communities, by most working- and middle-class African Americans and some Black Canadians.

— Wikipedia

A few examples of AAVE are “finna,” “cap,” and “chile.” These are often misused and/or appropriated.

AAVE examples | The Tap

“Cap” is AAVE originating from the early 1900s, often used to mean “lie,” “brag,” or “exaggerate.” Although, arguably, JAMIE shouldn’t be using AAVE period as it could be interpreted as cultural appropriation, she should have said, “you cappin’,” rather than “you cap.” 

In modern-day usage, ‘cap’ is often used as a verb or an adjective to describe something as fake or dishonest. For example, someone might say ‘He’s capping’ to mean ‘He’s lying’ or ‘That story is cap’ to mean ‘That story is fake’. Conversely, ‘no cap’ is used to indicate that someone is being truthful or sincere.

— Later Social Media Glossary

So, some HWAITING viewers are so disturbed by JAMIE’s behavior and misusage of AAVE that they wish she was not even a contestant in this season.

| @lovseob/TikTok

Watch the full episode of HWAITING below.

Source: DIVE Studios and lovseob


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