JAMIE Opens Up About Going Public With Her Relationship And The Reactions Of Her Friends And Company

Being in a public relationship is “way more comfortable” for the talented soloist.

Soloist JAMIE is back on the DIVE StudiosGet Real podcast for their final episode of 2022. For the episode, JAMIE reflected on the past year and some of her most memorable moments of 2022.

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In 2022, JAMIE released her new EP album, One Bad Night, released a fun club-ready English-language single, “Pity Party,” and filmed her final episode as a host of After School Club, a position she’s held for seven years.


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She’s had an impressive and busy year, and just as it neared a close, she revealed her current romantic relationship in the most epic way, with the gorgeous couple making their relationship “Instagram official.”

While there have been many positive and forward-progressing changes within the K-Pop industry over the years, the topic of Korean celebrity relationships is still often shied away from though that is slowly shifting as a few celebrities are starting to go public with their relationships.

While speaking with two Get Real hosts, BTOB’s Peniel and JUNNY, JAMIE opened up about how her friends, family, and her company reacted to her seemingly sudden relationship reveal. JAMIE shared that she didn’t expect it to become a big deal because she doesn’t see herself as a K-Pop idol.

She revealed that she’s always been open with her fans about her dating life but has previously kept the other person’s identity a secret. This time, she made her boyfriend’s identity, Goo Min Chul, public as he’s a public figure himself, having appeared as a contestant on the military survival show The Iron Squad Season 2 (also known as Steel Troops.)

Goo Min Chul on “The Iron Squad Season 2” | @hodohodopo/Instagram

When JAMIE posted her relationship reveal on Instagram, she was surrounded by her friends while dining at her boyfriend’s KBBQ restaurant in Seoul.

JAMIE hilariously shared that when she published the Instagram post with a simple and sweet caption, “Let’s be happy 💚!” her friends were immediately shocked and thought she meant to post it to her private Instagram account.

The solo artist shared that people also asked her if she meant to show herself kissing her boyfriend in the relationship reveal post, to which she cooly replied that it wasn’t a big deal. Peniel added to that saying; to him, the kiss solidified that they were a couple since the other pictures could have easily been taken as just friends.

While her friends were shocked, she hilariously shared that her mom and dad “didn’t even call,” which shocked her, but they already knew about the relationship and were happy for JAMIE.

She revealed that while her parents didn’t call her, her company did. The company didn’t mind that she was dating but let her know they had wished for a heads-up before she officially revealed her relationship; they also amusingly added that her boyfriend was handsome.

JAMIE shared that after revealing her relationship it’s “way more comfortable.

To be honest, I just really wanted to openly just be in a relationship. So I don’t have to, you know, be inside a crowd and just be [secretively] dating.


She wisely concluded by saying that she went public with her relationship because she wanted to fully experience the feelings of her relationship and live in the moment because she’ll never have these same experiences again.

To check out JAMIE’s full interview on Get Real, check out the final 2022 episode below!


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