JAMIE Shares How Her Bully In School Did A Complete 180 When They Met After She Became Famous

She revealed how the person treated her years later!

JAMIE recently shared a story regarding someone who bullied her, and how their encounter went down years later.

On the latest episode of the Get Real podcast, Jamie, BTOB‘s Peniel, KARD‘s BM, and Ashley Choi talked about the reactions of certain they used to know, and their reactions to them after they become famous.

Jamie then opened up about a bully during her school days, and how they did a complete 180 when they met again years later!

It’s really sad, when you’re not in a good relationship with someone younger than you, for example, you got bullied by them. And then now they see that you’re famous. They attacked you and go, “Do you remember me? We were best friends!”

And I don’t know if they’re doing it for clout or not, but they posted on Instagram; my old photos with them. And then they say, “Oh, I remember you. You’re doing really good. I support you.”


She then talked about another thing that she hates when it comes to meeting people who were mean to her in the past, but are now trying to be all friendly with her. They not only ask her to talk to their friends, but also to sing on the phone for them!

They called me, and were like, “Can you talk to my friend?” Because he was in the army, and he added my number when he went to the military. Then he called me and said, “Do you remember me? My friend is a really big fan of you. Can you talk to him?”

I really don’t like it when they ask you to “talk to my friend.” And they don’t even ask you beforehand!


Jamie made sure to be clear about the fact that the support is appreciated, but it’s just bad manners to call someone who you haven’t spoken to in years, to get them to talk to other people and sing on the phone for them!

It has to be clear, we love the support. But its something that’s just… You should know that nobody will like when you call someone, and for 2-3 years [before] you haven’t talked to them and they’ll just be like… Nothing happened. And then they’ll call you and just say what they want.

And then they end the call and you don’t talk to them again.


Watch her talk about it here!