JAMIE Will Perform In Front Of DAY6’s Young K

They’re going to reunite!

K-Pop soloist JAMIE revealed that she will perform in front of DAY6‘s Young K.

Young K (left) and Jamie (right) on KBS Cool FM’s radio show “DAY6’s Kiss the Radio.” | KBS Cool FM

Jamie recently held a live broadcast via Instagram. She announced that she would soon perform at an upcoming music festival for the South Korean military.

I’m going to this… I don’t know how to say… So, we have this festival … we have this concert kind of vibe in the military…

— Jamie

| @jiminxjamie/Instagram via @wonpilatesx/Twitter

She also revealed that she will be at the location where Young K, her former labelmate, is serving in his mandatory military enlistment. So, Jamie and Young K will reunite!

I’m going to where Young K is doing his military stuff. And I’m going to see him next week… Next next week?

— Jamie

| @jiminxjamie/Instagram via @wonpilatesx/Twitter

Young K enlisted on October 12, 2021, becoming the first K-Pop idol to serve in the elusive KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army) program, serving as a liaison between the Republic Of Korea (ROK) and the United States armies.

Young K studies a map for a challenge in the Best Warrior Competition | Taylor Gray/U.S. Army

Additionally, on May 17, 2022, Young K was awarded the Best Warrior Competition during his military enlistment. According to the U.S. military’s news source Stars and Stripes, he competed against 49 soldiers from both KATUSA and the U.S. Army in a series of formidable and strenuous challenges to win the award.

I made the decision that night, […] Because my only goal in the Army was to have a healthier body, just to build a better one, because I feel like I haven’t been taking care of [it] before.

—Young K

2022 Eighth Army Best Warrior and Squad Competition Announcement | @eightharmy/Instagram

Still, that’s not all, though. Since JAMIE will be there as a performing artist, she will have to perform in front of Young K. It’s even more awkward, though, as one of the songs included in her setlist is “Young해 20.”

I’m going to sing in front of him ‘Young해 20’ by myself. He’s going to be rapping at the back, I guess.

— Jamie

| @jiminxjamie/Instagram via @wonpilatesx/Twitter

“Young해 20” is a collaboration single of Jamie and Young K’s, released on August 23, 2016, by JYP Entertainment. So, she teased that he might do his rap from the back of the crowd.

In 2020, they performed it on MBC Radio‘s Idol Radio when Young K was the host.

Likewise, in 2021, they performed it on KBS Cool FM‘s radio show DAY6’s Kiss the Radio as Young K was the DJ then.

While Young K certainly will be at the festival not as a performer, fans suggest that he could unexpectedly perform anyway with Jamie. They suggested that Young K could act similarly to 2PM‘s Taecyeon, who jumped out of the audience at a film festival to join singer Baek Ji Young (also known as Baek Z Young)’s performance of their collaboration song “My Ear’s Candy.”

So, I was performing at one film festival and one of the songs that I was scheduled to perform was ‘My Ear’s Candy’. Yep, the song featured by Taecyeon… When I let the audience know that I was going to perform ‘My Ear’s Candy’, they asked me, ‘Will we see Taecyeon then?’. I told them, ‘Sorry, I’m just going to perform by myself today. Taecyeon isn’t here.’ I said that because I honestly had no idea that Taecyeon was actually there.

During the performance, one man with a black cap tried to come up on stage. I was like, ‘What on earth is that guy doing?’, then I realized that it was Taecyeon. It was so unexpected that I was completely shocked!

Taecyeon’s dance was filled with so much passion. He seemed drunk though. So, I asked him whether he had been drinking. He laughed and admitted that he had.

— Baek Ji Young

Whether Young K joins Jamie on stage or not, it will surely be nice for the friends to be reunited!

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Source: @wonpilatesx, SBS Star and @jiminxjamie