JAMIE Responds To Jae’s Derogatory Remark About Her Image On Live Stream

He called her a very derogatory term.

 Jae has since released two apologies: one through his Twitter account and another one on a Twitch stream.

Jae made a comment on his Twitch stream about JAMIE‘s character and image, and JAMIE responded to his comment before deleting it.

On an earlier Twitch stream, Jae was talking with his viewers when he decided to talk about JAMIE.

Okay, now that I’m not in K-Pop anymore, I can say this. Why is JAMIE trying to be a thot? That’s right, I said it, tell her! I said it. Tell her!

— Jae

Thot is a derogatory term referring to a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships. Another clip was spread throughout social media, showing Jae stating that he considers JAMIE a close friend and a badass queen. A viewer commented that Jae might be in trouble, and Jae mentioned he shouldn’t have said what he did. Some people believe that Jae was making a joke about his friend, while others think he overstepped boundaries with his comment.

JAMIE then responded on Twitter, first with disbelief at the derogatory term that Jae used, then brought up her history with Jae and how much she has cared about him while the two were both signed under JYP Entertainment.

Shortly after, she deleted her post, stating she was okay.

She also shared another post, expressing her displeasure at women being looked down upon and being the victim for the benefit of others online.

Jae has yet to make any follow-up comment after his crude statement towards JAMIE, but both JAMIE and DAY6 fans have been coming out to support JAMIE and calling for Jae to take accountability for his words.