JAMIE Talks About New Album, Finding Her Own Color, And Branching Out Globally

We hope the best for her!

A lot can change in one year. For singer JAMIE, it was a year of challenges and change. She left JYP Entertainment and became Warner Music Korea’s first artist and changed her stage name from Park Jimin to Jamie. She is no longer the teen from the audition program K-Pop Star!

| Warner Music Korea

On September 3, Jamie released her digital single Numbers, making it her first comeback since last year. This is the first single to be released under her new label. This track features a hip-hop base with a refreshing piano sound along with an addictive melody. Jamie also took part in the writing and producing of this song.

In regards to the meaning of the single, she revealed, “Whenever I had a good idea, I would write it down in my notes. Numbers is my own little take on how numbers can rank who we are as artists.” She added, “We tend to lose a sense of who we are through the different ranks, numbers, views, and followers we have. I wanted to let people know that their worth is not based off numbers.”

| Warner Music Korea

With this single being her first since changing her label and her name, she wanted to take a part in all aspects of the album. She participated in the lyrics, melody, music video, outfits, hair, makeup and more for this album. “The message I wanted to portray through this single was specific so I thought a lot about how I would relay this to others.”

She also met with former label CEO Park Jin Young and received warm wishes from him for her new single. “I let Park Jin Young listen to my track and he expressed that it was the first time he saw me so peaceful and he was happy for me.”

| @jiminpark07/Twitter

Jamie also admitted that she sometimes felt that she hadn’t found her own color yet.

I always feel like I haven’t found my own style of music and that maybe my music only connects with myself. Although it’s obvious for an artist to connect with their own music, I also wish that my music is able to move and connect others too. I hope that people will be able to relate and understand my new single.

⁠— Jamie

| “Numbers” MV/Warner Music Korea

She also hoped to branch out globally soon as well. “I want to go global too and joining my new label might be a shortcut to that. But I don’t want to do it like that. I want to strengthen my craft and go overseas naturally when I get the chance. I also think that I need to become someone worthy first before going global.”

Watch the official music video below!

Source: star news