Jang Jane Continues To Battle Against Nam Taehyun And His Fans On Instagram

“Taehyun’s fans, please stop.”

While Jang Jane‘s Instagram continues to remain private since her exposé of Nam Taehyun “being a cheater”, her latest story updates show that she is still battling against Nam Taehyun‘s fans dropping her hate messages in her DMs. She exposed these fans publicly as well and asked them to stop attacking her.


In a series of IG stories, Jang Jane shared some of the direct messages in her inbox attacking her and defending Nam Taehyun. To a fan who criticized her for exposing a private matter to the public, Jang Jane barked back that the issue is very public. She admitted she was aware of the impact her updates will create, but decided to move forward anyway because she believed Nam Taehyun’s character “is a pretty public problem”.


Jang Jane also shared hate DMs that she received from Nam Taehyun’s fans even before the uncovering took place. These messages, most likely from after the news of their relationship broke, are strongly worded against Jang Jane and the idea of her dating Nam Taehyun.


To some DMs, Jang Jane responded with politeness and frankness. She shared screenshots of these conversations on her story as well. Jang Jane seems to know exactly what she is doing and how she wants to respond to the “backlash” from Nam Taehyun’s fans.

Nam Taehyun’s Fan in Blue, Jang Jane in Red


Jang Jane also shared some “notes” that revealed her thoughts on how the situation is unfolding. For the most part, Jang Jane sounds thoroughly betrayed and disappointed with Nam Taehyun.

Translation: “Sounds like you messed with people from not only this industry, but other industries too… There are so many things I didn’t know about you. I know it must be horrible memories, so thank you so much for those of you who shared them with me.”


And this firm stance is making more people root for Jang Jane and her decision to uncover her relationship with Nam Taehyun to the public. Netizens, who are convinced that Nam Taehyun is in fact a cheating liar – especially after his vague “trailer statement” for his apology coming soon – are now actively sending words of support and encouragement for Jang Jane.

Source: THEQOO
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