Japanese Idol And “Produce 48” Favorite Is Joining Mnet’s “Queendom Puzzle” — Netizens React In Excitement

“Seriously, please, let’s debut this time…”

Japanese idol Miru Shiroma, who was one of the more popular contestants on Mnet‘s Produce 48, will reportedly join Mnet’s upcoming idol survival show, Queendom Puzzle.

Miru Shiroma | @shiro36run/Instagram

On April 24, media outlets reported that Miru Shiroma would compete in the upcoming Mnet survival program. Queendom Puzzle will see idols who had previously debuted compete for a chance at re-debuting. Established idols such as former MOMOLAND‘s JooE and former Lovelyz member Kei are reported to be joining the show.

Former MOMOLAND’s JooE And Former Lovelyz’s Kei Will Reportedly Compete On Mnet’s New Survival Show “Queendom Puzzle”

Miru Shiroma gained fame in Korea through her appearance on Mnet’s Produce 48. Although the Japanese idol made it to the final live show, she ultimately failed to win an opportunity to debut with IZ*ONE, placing 20th in the competition.

According to reports, Miru Shiroma has graduated from the Japanese idol group NMB48 and is promoting as a solo singer in Japan.

Netizens welcomed the news of Miru Shiroma’s return. Many netizens expressed their support and wished her the best in the upcoming survival program.

| theqoo
  • “Miru hwaiting! She’s really nice and a genuinely good person.”
  • “Oh, Miru!”
  • “Guys, Miru really works hard, so please look at her kindly, ㅠㅠ!”
  • “Miru, hwaiting! I rooted for her on Produce 48.”
  • “Miru really works hard. Look at her kindly, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Miru, it’s been a long time, ㅠㅠ. I really liked her on Produce 48 because she was kind and performed well…”
  • “Seriously, please, let’s debut this time, Miru.”
  • “I remember Miru for working really hard. She performed really well, so she would always place first in the on-site votes, but they (Mnet) cut her screen time, ㅠ. I hope she does well.”

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Source: theqoo

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