Japanese Martial Artist Has Korean Netizens Swooning Over His Looks

But this isn’t his first time going viral.

Korean netizens are currently crushing on a Japanese athlete, Miura Kota.

| Instiz.net

Recently, a post showing Miura’s undeniable charm went viral on the Korean forum Instiz. Netizens seem to have fallen for his effortless appeal while in the boxing ring and his cuteness in his regular life. The OP (original poster) said in the caption that he could become an idol if he wanted to.

| Instiz.net
| Instiz.net
| Instiz.net

But this is not the first time Miura has gone viral. In 2022, the MMA fighter went viral on TikTok gaining millions of views within a week. Korean netizens took note of his good looks and his striking facial resemblance with Park Bo Gum.

Handsome Japanese Boxer Goes Viral For His Uncanny Resemble To Park Bo Gum And SF9’s Dawon

Miura is the son of Japanese football player Kazuyoshi Miura and model Risako Miura. Kota debuted as an MMA fighter in 2021 at 19 years old. Thanks to his good looks, he quickly became the internet’s heartthrob in Japan. But his skills as a fighter didn’t slack off. Kota gained significant attention in the world of boxing after his fight with Muay Thai legend Buakaw in 2022. Though he didn’t win the match, his sporting spirit and humble admission of needing improvement created a lasting impression among fans.

Buakaw and Miura Kota

The comments under the viral Instiz post mostly agree that he has the idol-level charm and visuals that could make Korean fans go crazy. Some even argued that more than idols, he has a face that suits the standards of Korean actors. But surprisingly, people didn’t seem to mention the similarity between Kota and Park Bo Gum this time.

  • “He’s cute.”
  • “Whoa, he’s really handsome.”
  • “Oh, he looks like he’d be in demand.”
  • “But there’s little information about him. Is it because he debuted this time?”
  • “Whoa, cute and handsome.”

  • “Protect your face…”
  • “Am I the only one who’s not sure? LOL. I feel like he’s in demand from the gay community…I’m ont saying he’s ugly, he’s cute, but I wonder if he’s idol-worthy.. Hmmm”

  • “Wow, I got a crush.”
  • “He’s handsome.”
  • “He looks like an actor…handsome…”
  • “He has got that actor vibe more than an idol.”
  • “Cute.”

Though it’s highly unlikely that Kota is looking for a career switch right now, he definitely has his safety (k)net(z) ready!

Source: Instiz
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