It’s Been A Week Since Jennie & Kai’s Dating News… Here’s Everything That’s Happened Since:

Here’s what you missed!

It’s already been a week since Dispatch surprised everyone with the news of EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie‘s dating news and a lot has happened in a short period of time!


First off, after Dispatch revealed the big news, YG Entertainment released an official statement explaining that they were not aware of the dating rumors and were in the process of confirming the facts. Not long after, SM Entertainment went ahead and confirmed the couple’s relationship, stating that “they have shared good feelings towards each other.”

(★BREAKING) SM Entertainment Confirms Kai and Jennie Are Really Dating


After the couple’s dating news was confirmed, a video of Jennie and Kai standing next to each other at a music program began to resurface with some claiming that Jennie had purposely moved to stand next to Kai stage.

Rare Footage Of BLACKPINK Jennie And EXO Kai Standing Together Goes Viral


Fans also discovered powerful coincidences that linked Jennie and Kai together…

Fans Claimed Jennie Named Her Dog After Kai…But Here’s The Full Story


…As well as clues that may have hinted that the idols were in a relationship…

Here’s Why Fans Suspected Jennie Was In A Relationship Before The News Broke

EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie Hinted at Their Relationship on Instagram


…And even proof that Kai perfectly matched Jennie’s ideal type!

EXO Kai Perfectly Matches BLACKPINK Jennie’s Ideal Type, Here’s Proof


Meanwhile, amid the various reactions as well as support for the JenKai couple has been receiving from fans, some have even gone as far as to file a government petition calling for an end to Dispatch’s ways.

EXO-Ls Start Government Petition Calling For The End Of Dispatch After Jennie And Kai News Broke


Meanwhile, a physiognomist recently evaluated Jenkai’s compatibility based on their facial features on a recent episode of Section TV and it turns out, they are quite compatible!

Physiognomist Reveals Kai And Jennie’s Compatibility According To Their Facial Features

May 2019’s first couple continue to share happiness throughout the new year and more!