EXO Kai Perfectly Matches BLACKPINK Jennie’s Ideal Type, Here’s Proof

It’s like she’s been describing Kai the whole time.

The breaking dating news about Jennie and Kai blindsided many fans, but after seeing just how similar these stars are it all makes sense. In fact, Kai matches Jennie’s ideal type perfectly!

7 Reasons Why Kai And Jennie Make The Perfect Couple


The BLACKPINK members have mentioned their ideal types on several occasions. One of the most notable ones was during an interview with Arirang Radio.

Here’s What Type Of Man Each BLACKPINK Member Is Attracted To


In this interview, the host asked BLACKPINK whether they preferred “cute” or “sexy” guys. When he counted to three, all the members said “cute”, except for Jennie.


When asked to explain her choice, Jennie said, “If I had to pick out of cute or sexy, I feel like…I’ll just stop here”, and started to laugh shyly. She also said she prefers a funny guy when asked to choose between “funny” and “handsome”.


In an episode of Star Road, Jennie and Jisoo answered personal questions about each other, including questions about their ideal types.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Jennie Reveal Each Others’ Ideal Types


Jisoo said that Jennie is looking for someone dependable who will always protect her.


In the past, Jennie has also mentioned that her ideal type is a man who is passionate and devoted to his career. Hmm. Sexy…






…and passionate about his career?


That sounds a lot like Kai, doesn’t it!