Jeon So Min Opens Up About #MeToo, Prays Her Juniors Won’t Suffer The Same Things She Went Through

Jeon So Min opened up about her own experiences in the entertainment industry and her hopes that something will be done about sexual harassment in all professions.

Actress Jeon So Min has spoken in support of the #MeToo movement after veteran actor and Cross colleague Jo Jae Hyun‘s sexual harassment allegation. He has since stopped filming for the drama.

She said Jo Jae Hyun’s departure wasn’t made a big deal out of, and the cast just continued working hard until the end.

Her strong stance on the #MeToo movement was due to a series of small harassment that she herself had to endure over the years. But mostly because many of her friends in the industry faced it as well. She hopes her juniors won’t have to suffer any of the injustices that she and her colleagues had to endure.

“We have to talk about it privately because it is too big an issue. Most of them have small scars going back years. I have a lot of stories about things like this that shouldn’t have ever happened. These kind of things hurt a lot of people. I have many friends at work that talk about it.”

— Jeon So Min

In her opinion, the #MeToo movement is rocking the entertainment industry because it’s the most visible one – but we should remember that sexual harassment could happen in all professions.

“I think that it’s something that can happen anywhere in the world, not only in my job but in any job. It was exposed in my industry because these are jobs in the public eye. But it shouldn’t happen anywhere.”

— Jeon So Min

Jeon So Min is a regular on Running Man and starred in dramas such as Princess AuroraThe Bride of Habaek, 1% of Something and, most recently, Cross, which just finished airing in Korea.

Source: Donga

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