Jessi Can’t Handle Lovelyz Mijoo’s Top-Notch Variety Skills — But Here’s Why She “Can’t Hate” Her For It

Even Jessi can’t handle her!

Lovelyz‘ Mijoo is known for her unpredictable humor and amazing variety skills. Even other celebrities around her are often baffled at her hilarious personality. One example is Jessi, another artist known for surprising her more cautious colleagues with her daring comments. But even Jessi can’t handle born-entertainer Mijoo!

Mijoo (left) and Jessi (right). | @jessishow_official/Instagram

As soon as Mijoo entered the set for Jessi’s Showterview, Jessi hilariously called out for her Sixth Sense co-stars Yoo Jae SukOh Na Ra, and Jeon So Min for back-up. Jessi admitted, “She’s the one even I can’t handle!”

| Mobidic/YouTube 

Something as simple as tying her shoe can become a whole scene-stealing process when it comes to Mijoo.

| Mobidic/YouTube 

And “staying calm” while eating her favorite food, ddeokbokki, doesn’t mean Mijoo will stop acting for the camera. Her attempt at keeping in her energy is equally as charming!

| Mobidic/YouTube 

Even though Mijoo’s high energy can be a lot for anybody to keep up with, Jessi said that she “can’t hate” her for it!

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Personally, there’s a reason that I can’t hate her no matter how she makes a fuss. She’s still so lovely!

— Jessi

Furthermore, Jessi revealed that Mijoo isn’t always so high tension, especially when the filming is done — though she isn’t exactly quiet, either.

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Jessi: Mijoo is so talented and nice. She’s way too hyped at times, but she’s not so hyped in real life!

Mijoo: I know! I’m very calm IRL, right?

Jessi: … [Not as much as calm tho…]

Jessi and Mijoo definitely have a sweet relationship where they both understand the pressures of being an entertainer known for their energetic personality. Check out the full hilarious and touching interview below!

Source: YouTube and Instagram