Jessica May Have Celebrated Her Birthday With Girls’ Generation’s Sunny And Yoona — According To Fans

Could it be??

Jessica Jung‘s birthday vlog is making headlines once again due to some familiar voices.

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Jessica Jung celebrated her birthday on April 18, which marked her 32nd (American age) year of life. She celebrated her birthday all month and showed off all of the love she received on her YouTube channel. While the vlog was filled with fun content, the singer’s birthday vlog previously made headlines because of an unexpected feature that was made by the one and only Jennie from BLACKPINK. Now, the same vlog is making headlines for a similar reason.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, pointed out by an arrow by Koreaboo for clarification | YouTube

Hawk-like fans used their detecting abilities to point out that during one specific part of the vlog, Girls’ Generation members Sunny and Yoona can allegedly be heard in the background. In the very beginning of the vlog, viewers can see Jessica closing her eyes and making a wish as she prepares herself to blow out her birthday candles. According to Girls’ Generation fans, however, Sunny’s and Yoona’s voice can be heard in the background.

Sunny: “Your wishes are that long?”
Jessica: “Mmmhmm I want to wish for them all!”
Sunny: “It’s not just a couple?”
Yoona: “It’s 10 isn’t, it’s 10!”

As this clip began to circulate online, fans began to chime in with their thoughts. This fan agreed that she could hear both Sunny and Yoona at the beginning of the video.

| @kisskissnote21/Twitter

This fan could only hear Yoona’s voice, but was certain that it was the Girls’ Generation member’s voice.

| @SONEJustin/Twitter

Another fan shared that they could only hear Sunny’s voice.

| @Soshi_YoonA530/Twitter

This particular SONE (Girls’ Generation fan) alleged that they could hear another Girls’ Generation member, and it was none other than the group’s maknae Seohyun.

| @GGot94eva/Twitter

If the fans’ speculations are correct, it would mean that Sunny, Yoona and potentially Seohyun were celebrating the former Girls’ Generation member’s birthday together. The mere thought of this news being confirmed has excited all SONEs across the world, since this would be the first time that members of the group “reunited” with Jessica, at least to the fans’ knowledge.

Old photo of Jessica (left), Sunny (middle), Yoona (right) | SM Entertainment

Ever since the group’s debut in 2007, Girls’ Generation became South Korea’s “it” girl group, seeing massive success with each release. They became a worldwide phenomenon and became the biggest girl group the nation had ever seen. Girls’ Generation had become the group to beat, breaking records and selling out arena concerts all over the world. In the midst of their roaring popularity, however, sudden news made waves.

| SM Entertainment

Following their “Mr. Mr” promotions in 2014, SM Entertainment shocked the entire nation when they shared that Jessica was dismissed from Girls’ Generation due to internal conflicts. As the nation and SONEs tried to wrap their heads around the situation, the dismissal became concrete when the girl group continued with their activities as 8 members. While the real reason was never revealed, Jessica seemingly became “blacklisted” from all Korean programs, leading to unending malicious rumors.

Girls’ Generation during “Mr. Mr” promotions | SM Entertainment

As a result of the messy situation, Girls’ Generation fans had given up hope that Jessica had remained in contact with her former girl group members. In light of her recent birthday vlog, however, it seems that some fans had clung onto small slivers of hope of the girls’ ongoing friendships.

Yoona (left), Jessica (middle), Sunny (right) at a fan meeting | Nate

While these are all just mere fan-made speculations, you can check out the clip for yourself down below.

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