Jo Byung Gyu’s Alleged Bullying Victim Responds By Claiming They Did Not Ask For Leniency

They are stuck in an on-going battle.

The alleged bullying victim of actor Jo Byung Gyu has stepped up to refute the agency’s position regarding the matter. On August 3, the alleged victim posted on Instagram, “This is a rebuttal regarding his agency’s statement. I will refute it by attaching evidence in the order of the contents of the statement.”

| Alleged bullying victim post/Instagram

I will re-upload the content starting from three days from February 20 from the March 10 post. To refute the claim that I was not in New Zealand in 2011, I searched on classmates’ social media and found a photo from an athletic competition from 2011 and used it as a rebuttal photo. The agency’s statement about ‘as if you are acquaintances with the actor’ is a false.

At the time of posting, I already disclosed the source and apologized to my classmate for the photo and received their understanding. Continuing to mention theft is just media play to try and deviate from the meaning of posting the photo and demean me. 

In February, the classmate first contacted me to blur out their face in the photo, then I started receiving contact from legal representatives. The first notice received was very daunting as they threatened with unimaginable amounts of damage costs. I came to a situation where I could not make a decision on my own because of fear. Due to this, the classmate suggested that I take down the DM and online post and upload an apology.

Seeing that I was unable to get a hold of things, the classmate helped me write the apology and sent it to the legal representative for their opinion. The legal representative sent it to the police and the classmate revealed that it was not written by me. It seems like the legal representative has delivered false evidence to the police, so I refused the request to post an apology letter first and contact was cut off with the legal representative.

Two days letter I received a threat to write an apology from W. I have always contacted through the classmate or the legal representatives and I have never asked for leniency. The public verification location has already been proposed in the post on March 19 that it was not in cyberspace but at the West Lake Auditorium. So now do you accept realistic proposals?

If you can publicly verify simple things such as acquaintances, you can find out the truth and lies at once because the public data and scope are vast and easy to search out. In particular, I will post an additional rebuttal regarding the notorious W before posting my position. Photos, apologies, leniency are all lies and the photos are just bare bones. Just boiling and boiling again with false additions.

Jo Byung Gyu was accused of bullying students during his middle school days, and while he denied such claims, more accusations by anonymous netizens surfaced. He denied more of the claims, however, the accusations continued to target him. Most recently, Jo Byung Gyu’s agency reportedly revealed a copy of the apology letter sent by the alleged victim.

Source: topstarnews
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