“Joseon Exorcist” Director Issues An Apology And Takes Full Responsibility For The Backlash

He takes full responsibility.

Following apologies by the leading actors in the show including Jang Dong Yoon and Lee Yu Bi, the director for Joseon Exorcist has issued an apology. PD Shin Kyung Soo takes full responsibility for the criticism and backlash that the show has been facing.


This is the director for Joseon Exorcist, Shin Kyung Soo. As a director who has responsibility over the final decisions, I would like to keenly apologize to the viewers regarding the recent problems that have risen. I wish to apologize once again for the lateness of this notice as I had to salvage the situation after the show was cancelled. I failed to be cautious and more careful about expressing the story that uses both the real names of historical figures as well as the Joseon Dynasty as a set-up. I feel responsible for this and am reflecting deeply. All responsibility for the drama’s contents and related decisions should fall on me, the director. The staff and actors merely trusted and followed me. I also wish to say that I did not direct it with a sense of biasedness towards history nor did I direct it with any purposeful intent, as audiences have been claiming. The problematic scenes were all the fault of my incompetence as a director. I am deeply sorry. As the drama has been cancelled, I also am infinitely sorry to the staff who worked for a year in vain, the actors and the audience. I wish to thank those that sent in precious opinions regarding the show. I will not forget your warnings and advise.

Shin Kyung Soo, director of Joseon Exorcist

Joseon Exorcist came into controversy when various scenes, including a table setting as well as character portrayals were criticized as distortion of history. Tensions between Korea and China have always been high due to cultural and historical conflicts. Historical records have always been a sensitive point between the two countries, thus the uproar from Korean public regarding Joseon Exorcist.

Source: Sports Seoul