Jung Da Eun Fires Back At Those Who Blame Her For Wonho’s Exit From MONSTA X

She followed up with her own comment.

Following Wonho‘s confirmation of his exit from MONSTA X, Jung Da Eun has taken to Instagram to give her comments about it, and responds to fans blaming her for the situation.

Posting a picture of Bart Simpson from “The Simpsons”, Jung Da Eun states in the caption that Wonho was responsible for ruining his own life and not her, and tells fans to back off if they won’t do anything about the money he allegedly owes her.


his [Wonho] life was already destroyed by himself wayyyyyyyy long ago
and please shut the f*ck up if you aint gonna pay me back for him 🙂 —Jung Da Eun


This comes after Han Seo Hee also previously hinted at Wonho still allegedly owing Jung Da Eun money. The two are supposed lovers, and have been very vocal about what they believe are Wonho’s past actions.

Former MONSTA X's Wonho vs. Jung Da Eun