Han Seo Hee Joins Jung Da Eun’s Fight Against MONSTA X’s Wonho And Threatens To Sue Haters

“From here on, I will sue everyone who hates on Jung Da Eun.”

After openly tweeting her accusations of MONSTA X‘s Wonho possibly having been charged for aggravated theft in 2008 and having served time in a juvenile detention center, Jung Da Eun then shared screenshots of the same accusations on her Instagram account.


As Jung Da Eun’s movements continue to grow aggressive, K-Pop fans cautiously guessed Han Seo Hee‘s involvement in her sudden decision to “blow this up now” — that being, as Han Seo Hee has never been shy of voicing herself on social media accounts.

These two have been involved in dating rumors, which both parties have vaguely confirmed/denied.


It became clear that Han Seo Hee is definitely on board with Jung Da Eun in this when she commented under Jung Da Eun’s latest Instagram post. She congratulated Jung Da Eun for stepping up and taking charge of the situation.

You know they say those in love start to act alike. Welcome to your “no-turning-back” kind of life, Da Eun.

— Han Seo Hee


Then, as Jung Da Eun received criticism for her allegations, Han Seo Hee took over on Twitter and threatened to take legal action against any haters.

Jung Da Eun: From here on, I will sue everyone who hates on Jung Da Eun. I will not take those apology letters or whatever.

Anonymous Twitter User: Jung Da Eun, please stop. What bad blood do you have against us that you’re trying to kill us all like this? F*ck… I’ve never borrowed a single penny from you. In fact, I didn’t even know who you are.

Jung Da Eun: You know, you should really move on with your lives… Oh and I’m not Jung Da Eun, I’m Han Seo Hee.


Han Seo Hee made sure that everyone saw she is serious about working with legal help to stop the rampant hate comments from reaching Jung Da Eun.

Hey, this is Han Seo Hee. I have PDFs of your comments. Don’t come crying when our lawyer gets in touch. Bye.

— Han Seo Hee


Meanwhile, Monbebes remain patiently waiting for further response from Starship Entertainment and/or Wonho himself regarding the controversy.

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